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Patricia Wunsch

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Al Best


Purpose: To determine possible differences in the pain level and soft tissue anesthesia duration of plain polocaine versus epinephrine-containing articaine and lidocaine during intraoral injections. Methods: Forty-eight subjects received plain polocaine and one epinephrine-containing anesthetic. Injections were randomized according to the first injection a)left or right buccal sulcus and b)epinephrine or not. The second injections were the opposite conditions. Subjects then recorded discomfort on a VAS and the time anesthesia wore off. Result: The second injection’s pain rating was influenced by the first. This carry-over effect makes it impossible to analyze all of the data. An analysis of the first injection showed no significant difference between the three anesthetics. The duration of anesthesia for epinephrine-containing anesthetic was significantly longer than plain polocaine. Conclusion: This pilot study was intended to create a sample size for a pediatric population. However, due to the carry-over effect, future split-mouth studies may not be justified.


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