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Master of Fine Arts


Craft/Material Studies

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Hillary Waters Fayle

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Cynthia Myron

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Tracy Spencer-Stonestreet


The split between the individual and being part of a social body is addressed in this paper. I begin with my suburban upbringing; applying notions of separate and sub-divided to the construction of one’s aspirations, gender expression(s), and one’s ideological alignment. I contemplate the forces directing individual and shared desires and the persistent messaging of individual pursuits over efforts that benefit many. What does it mean to participate in a collective dreaming of one’s own wealth, happiness, and power? Can one cultivate an integrated art practice and sense of self? In the studio, I layer and abstract figures, stack household objects, and repeat gestures to challenge perceived homogeneity and the continuation of norms linked to late-capitalist logics. I conclude with descriptions of my most recent explorations: sculpture-as-action and installation that points to the institutions of which many of us are part; school and family. Through this work I strive to open up space for processes and forms that are impermanent and/or in constant state of formation.


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