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Master of Fine Arts


Kinetic Imaging

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Bob Paris

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Paul Rucker

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Semi Ryu

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Wes Taylor


For my MFA thesis exhibition entitled Reanimator/Reflection, I used artificial intelligence to create three new works of sound and live-generated video art, each based on mirror reflections and 100-year-old racist post-pandemic horror literature by early 20th century American author H. P. Lovecraft. The themes of these writings mirror the issues of our current time. The primary works of Lovecraft that I referenced in the exhibition are “Herbert West: Reanimator,” (1922) a serialized tale about graduate school experiments which attempted to return the dead to life during a plague, and “Nyarlathotep,” (1920) a prose poem that suggests even our dreams might become infected as with a fever. These two particular texts were written shortly after the early 20th century influenza pandemic that lasted from 1918 to 1920; they directly address that pandemic and its associated fears; and, then as now during the time of COVID-19, these pandemic fears are often expressed in racial terms.


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