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Doctor of Philosophy


Systems Modeling and Analysis

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Dr. H. Reed Ogrosky

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Dr. Ihsan Topaloglu

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Dr. Rebecca Segal

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Dr. Punit Gandhi

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Dr. Lane Carasik


Viscous liquid film flows in a tube arise in numerous industrial and biological applications, including the transport of mucus in human airways. Previous modeling studies have typically used no-slip boundary conditions, but in some applications the effects of slip at the boundary may not be negligible. We derive a long-wave model based on lubrication theory which allows for slippage along the boundary. Linear stability analysis verifies the impact of slip-length on the speed, growth rate, and wavelength of the most unstable mode. Nonlinear simulations demonstrate the impact of slip-length on plug formation and wave dynamics. These simulations are conducted for flows driven by gravity, core flow, or a combination of the two. We derive a second long-wave model to explore the effect of slip on fluid flow in a constricted tube. The results of simulations in such a tube will be discussed. Finally, we derive a third long-wave model for a flexible tube. A linear stability analysis is conducted for this final model. The effect of slip on the growth rate and speed of the waves will be investigated.


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