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Poster presented at the Annual Meeting, Medical Library Association, May 2014

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June 2014


OBJECTIVE: Adapt bibliographic instruction from a traditional 50-minute lecture format to a hands-on, small group approach to more closely align with a team-based assignment.

METHODS: First year students in the School of Pharmacy's PharmD program are assigned to teams and work together on projects for lecture-based courses. In the second year, they are introduced to Team-Based Learning (TBL). To improve library instruction for first year students, two librarians used a team-based approach with hands-on examination of pharmacy resources to provide a better student learning experience than the traditional 50-minute lecture. Librarians led 90 minute interactive sessions for two teams for a total of 20 teams. Individual team members investigated and assessed a variety of print and online pharmacy resources to complete their team assignment. Librarians designed an appraisal checklist that students used to evaluate the resources. With librarians acting as facilitators, the teams reconvened to discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the resources and appropriateness for the assignment.

CONCLUSION: At the end of the semester, four questions pertaining to the library instruction sessions were included in the students' course evaluation. The students' predominately positive responses in their course evaluations suggest that the Evidence-based Pharmacy Library Instruction objectives.

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