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Poster presented at the Annual Conference, College Art Association, 2014

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June 2014


At Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries we serve a variety of disciplines. This poster session focuses on outreach initiatives by the Visual Arts Research Librarian and the Humanities Research Librarian to provide research services to a unique group: students and faculty who create new and unique objects and texts. The needs of artistic researchers in such diverse areas as interior design, painting, and creative writing overlap in many ways, both expected and unexpected.

Our efforts to reach out to creators and offer support for their distinctive research needs have included such activities as taking classes within particular programs and embedding ourselves within selected courses. Services provided have included producing research guides on such topics as creative writing, conducting workshops on digital image resources and fair use, and instituting a browsing area for art exhibition catalogs, all tailored to the manner in which creators look for information. The presentation will also examine assessment of these services through workshop and class evaluations, reference transaction statistics, and consultation numbers. Initial findings have indicated growing interest in these specialized research services.