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Poster presented at Annual Meeting, Medical Library Association, Austin, TX, 2015.

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July 2015


Objectives: Research data management plans require information about the resources used to create, store, and analyze the data. A table of resources in and outside the university was compiled for use when writing DMPTool templates for grants. The table was also used to create a LibGuide to help researchers learn about all the available resources.

Methods: Initially, resources directly related to data management such as storage availability, sharing options, and database programs available at the university were investigated to find boilerplate language to use in DMPTool data management plan templates. As the data librarian worked on more plans for grant applications, it became apparent that information about research resources related to the creation of data, and resources outside of the university would help provide more comprehensive data management plans, so further resources were investigated. Interviews with researchers had highlighted the lack of a centralized research resource catalogue at the university, so the information collected in spreadsheets by a graduate assistant was used to create a research portal LibGuide for all the documented resources.



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