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Presentation at the Virginia Library Association annual conference in Norfolk, Virginia, 2022.

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October 2022


During an undergraduate “Digital Technology & Communication” class offered for three years, students engaged in a discussion forum where they reflected on how information literacy skills were developed in K-12 settings. Using a content analysis protocol developed for online discussion forums, an analysis of critical thinking on the topic is presented.


  • Examine the application of a content analysis protocol as applied to online discussion forums to evaluate indicators of critical thinking among students.

  • Review the perceptions of K-12 information literacy instruction amongst students that attended Fluvanna, Goochland, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson and Orange public schools in Virginia.

Additional Information: The content analysis may be helpful to library instructors in understanding the experiences of regional students in how they have been instructed on information literacy leading up to their admission to college.

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VLA 2022 Presentation Script

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Kelly, H. (2022). “Student Reflections on Information Literacy Experiences in School Settings.” Virginia Library Association (VLA) Annual Conference.