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Poster presented at Fall Meeting, Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, College Park, MD, October 2022

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November 2022


VCU SCA's processing team used the qualities of legacy, recently-processed, and in-process collections to establish a system metrics to measure any given collection's level of processing. These metrics were then adapted into a series of leveled tiers (gold, silver, bronze, and partially processed) to easily assign to collections fitting the criteria. Since then, the tiers have been used to identify collections of need as well as collections with model processing, informing how we process collections in the future and guide departmental standards of quality.

This breaks down the internal levels of processing into its basic components and graphically represents their effectiveness on findability and accessibility. It also explores two sample collections, the ACLU-Southern Women's Rights Project records and the Commonwealth Council of the Girl Scouts of Virginia records, to represent how they benefited from the new standards. This is done through the lens of popular tabletop roleplaying game mechanics, such as the ones found in "Dungeons & Dragons."

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