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October 2022



With more publishers and funders requiring data management and sharing plans, it is important for librarians, researchers, and support staff to be aware of the tools available to help them skillfully manage research data. There are a wide variety of tools available, both free and paid, that can work with data but selecting an affordable, accessible tool can be a barrier to use.


This poster seeks to promote awareness of freely available tools for data management, wrangling, and sharing for use in daily work and research projects. The poster will review five data tools (DMPTool, NIH Common Data Elements Repository, NLM Scrubber, OpenRefine, and Open Science Framework) and discuss features, usability, and training resources. Each tool will have a product guide handout that librarians and instructors can use to create instructional programming at their institution. These tools facilitate open and FAIR data practices across the research data lifecycle.


Researchers will benefit from increased awareness and access to freely available data tools, and the lack of a paywall enables anyone to use these tools regardless of budgetary support or restrictions. As more publishers and funders move to open data frameworks, librarians and the populations they serve, including researchers and support staff, will be more prepared to adhere to data-sharing standards and mandates.

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Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association (MAC- MLA) Annual Meeting Posters/Presentations