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October 2022



Assignments in the health and behavioral sciences disciplines typically require students to locate peer-reviewed articles. However, relevant stakeholder perspectives cannot be gained if students only rely on scholarly literature, books, and other library-supported resources. This lightning talk will discuss an assignment that “took students beyond the library” to discover established knowledge and gaps related to their research. The purpose of the assignment was to help them uncover problems, issues, and questions that might guide the direction of their projects.


Students in an Honors course, designed to support their research project proposals, were required to locate and interview three “stakeholders” familiar with the topic they planned to address in their senior honors project. Students were then expected to analyze, synthesize and connect the results of their interviews in a 3-page paper.


Students gained a more comprehensive picture of the topic they had interest in pursuing. Identifying themes and reflecting on how these interviews may have impacted their vision for the project was the desired outcome of this assignment.

Interviews can be a rich research tool that allows students to gather important information about a topic especially as it pertains to a specific community. Students can utilize what they learn from stakeholders to further refine the direction of their research topic.

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