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October 2022



Gamification is an increasingly popular teaching method for enhancing student engagement during instruction. Multiple learning games have been used over the last several years to introduce first-year pharmacy students to library and drug information resources. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of an online escape room-style game and to investigate student perspectives on this style of learning.


A librarian developed an online escape room-style learning game and facilitated the activity with first-year pharmacy students as part of their introductory laboratory course in Fall 2020. The escape room was adapted from a previously successful in-person game formatted as a race. After completing the escape room students were asked to participate in an optional evaluation survey. The survey included questions about the efficacy of the escape room format, student preferences for this format, and student opinions about the specific game.


Eighty-eight students completed the evaluation survey. The majority (79.5%) had some degree of prior experience with learning games. There was widespread agreement that the game was an effective way to learn the material, with 83.8% of students stating that they preferred this format to a didactic lecture.


Overall the response to the escape room game was very positive. The main challenge students reported was in navigating the game materials, which were in two different web applications. The workflow has been simplified for future iterations based on this feedback. Students expressed appreciation for the interactivity of the game, which gave them a chance to explore the resources. The results of this study suggest that students perceive the escape room format to be an effective learning method. Future research is needed to evaluate the learning outcomes of this approach.

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