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October 2022



A two-fold need was identified in our community:

  1. Parents and caregivers frequently have a need to do something with books their children have outgrown or left behind.
  2. Many schools and daycare centers in the local community served by our university don’t have adequate books and reading materials for students and have a need to boost their libraries. Working with the university’s Community Engagement Center, the library launched a two-month book collection drive on campus.


Staff from across the library created announcements and graphics promoting the drive and developed criteria for accepted donations. The team reached out to contacts in various university buildings to place donation boxes in seven different buildings on campus. During collection, a sorting system was created to sort the donations into five different categories based on reading level. Staff would periodically check the donation boxes while communicating with building contacts to schedule pick-ups of large donations.


When the collection had concluded and the books were sorted, there were over 1,200 books donated. Staff coordinated with the Community Engagement Center to pick up and deliver the boxed books to three schools as well as two daycare centers to be used for summer reading programs and beyond. The book drive was a success, with a larger university participation than initially thought. This will become an annual collection continuing to support the local community and fostering literacy in schools.

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