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October 2022



With health outcomes and disparities being linked to environmental degradation, libraries and librarians have an opportunity to empower their communities with information. Librarians, public health practitioners and community scientists can benefit from learning about environmental health and justice, specifically about how these topics can have an impact on heath literacy and rural health.


Environmental conditions as a social determinant of health was identified by Healthy People 2030 as one of its priority areas. Our lightning talk will discuss the importance of understanding environmental health and justice issues related to medically underserved communities. Environmental justice issues are known to disproportionately affect vulnerable populations such as those with low socio-economic status and rural communities. For example, rural farm workers are negatively affected by pesticide exposure and water contamination. Librarians are uniquely positioned to educate their communities and share information about the environment’s effects on health outcomes. Environmental justice extends beyond climate change and includes lack of access to broadband, food deserts, and transportation infrastructure.


This presentation will introduce participants to environmental health and justice. Librarians will learn about environmental health information resources they will be able to use and share with their patrons and start conversations with their communities about the importance of environmental justice.

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Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association (MAC- MLA) Annual Meeting Posters/Presentations