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October 2022



Academic libraries annually produce reports highlighting the previous year's achievements while highlighting new resources, services, and programs. These are intended to communicate with different groups with different interests. The library in these reports must discuss what was done and how those activities provided value to the community of users. The librarians at a large public research university debated the effectiveness of the annual report produced within their department. An internship project was created to rethink the department’s annual report and develop a plan to determine its effectiveness. The project intended to allow the intern to learn more about how an academic library functions, while also helping the department rethink how to communicate the department's activities to stakeholders.


This poster will focus on the planning and suggested implementation of a new annual reporting cycle intended to streamline the process and make the report more effective and meaningful for the community of users. In addition, the opportunities and challenges of creating a report that addresses the needs of various stakeholders concurrently will also be addressed. Lastly, the poster will touch on the observations and lessons learned by the intern who headed up the project and the process's next steps.


Overall, findings showed that user-centric research and design lead to higher-quality reporting outcomes. Additionally, making stakeholders part of the reporting process leads to greater transparency and stronger connections. Conclusions will focus on possible steps to take in the future for continuing reporting efforts.

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