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Cheryl Bodamer PhD, MPH, RN, CHSE, Assistant Professor, Simulation Educator, VCU Center for Human Simulation and Patient Safety, School of Medicine

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Moshe Feldman PhD, Assistant Professor, Assessment and Evaluation, School of Medicine

Katie Rocawich, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist, VCUHS Inpatient Pharmacy

Cindy Steinbach RN, MS-BC, Nurse Educator, VCUHS Education and Professional Development

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May 2017

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We developed standardized web based learning modules on the VCUHS adult and pediatric code carts that enables health care providers in an organization to receive standardized training that is readily accessible to improve retention of the items and their location in the code carts.

Purpose/Research Question

This training is expected to improve code cart knowledge and result in more effective use of the carts when responding to a patient emergency or “code blue”.


Learners will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the contents and location of items on the VCUHS code cart.


Ziv, A., Wolpe, P. R., Small, S. D., & Glick, S. (2003). Simulation‐based medical education: an ethical imperative. Academic Medicine, 78(8), 783-788.


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