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Diane M. Biskobing, MD, Professor of Medicine, Assistant Dean for Preclinical Medical Education, VCU School of Medicine

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Amber Spain, LCSW, CDE, School of Medicine, Department of Medicine

Edmond Wickham III, MD, MPH, School of Medicine, Department of Medicine

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May 2017

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We describe a 2-day experience in the pre-clinical Endocrine course during which the students experience the complexities of living with diabetes mellitus. During this time they are asked to follow a carbohydrate controlled diet, monitor blood glucose and injection insulin (saline). They then wrote a reflection about the experience.

Purpose/Research Question

Does simulation of a patient experience change students perception and empathy toward patients with diabetes mellitus?


1) To foster student awareness of the challenges inherent to quantitative dietary assessments, assessment of their own dietary behaviors, and understanding of the impact of dietary changes commonly recommended as part of a treatment plan for diabetes mellitus

2) For students to experience the challenges and impact of incorporating blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections into daily activities.


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