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Professional Plan Capstone

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Department of Community Development


Warrrenton, Virginia

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May 2021


This research helps to inform and establish a wayfinding signage system throughout the Town of Warrenton. A wayfinding system can help connect people to places using the built environment and serves as an easily understandable visual guide. Establishing a wayfinding system will help the Town create a cohesive branding, achieve cohesive gateways, while also helping to establish the five character districts that were introduced in the most recent comprehensive plan. This study included a wayfinding audit, which helped to establish the existing conditions and recommend the following the goals: Establish an advisory board to advise the Town on wayfinding decisions that support local business and visitor experience. Create a sense of arrival into Warrenton and guide visitors to each district. Enhance connections and modify wayfinding system throughout Warrenton. By accomplishing these goals, Warrenton can be a well connected community with a strong sense of place that connects visitors to its numerous unique, vibrant and active districts and amenities.


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