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Professional Plan Capstone

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Fairfax County Hunter Mill District Supervisors Office


Reston, Virginia

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May 2021


Reston was one of the first planned cities in America and was planned to be inclusive and accessible for people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds. Reston lies within Fairfax County, Virginia, which is currently re-evaluating its comprehensive plan. As a region under Fairfax County’s governance Reston’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan is also being re-evaluating, in effort to assess how it is meeting community needs today. As a part of the re-evaluation the housing market in Reston will be reviewed, including affordable housing. This plan aims to assess the stock of affordable housing in Reston, understand any unmet needs of the area, predict the future need for affordable housing, and to create a strategy to address those needs, both current and future. This plan will be created for the office of the Hunter Mill District Supervisor Walter Alcorn in coordination with Commissioner John Carter and Supervisor Alcorn’s staff, including Gwenn Minton and Jose Delcid.


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