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Professional Plan Capstone

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Department of Public Utilities


The City of Richmond, Virginia

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June 2021


This plan was developed for the City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities (DPU), researching and identifying methods to increase implementation of green infrastructure throughout the City's private residential properties. Green infrastructure (GI) is a relatively new technique utilized for stormwater management, defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as infrastructure mimicking natural processes of absorbing and storing water during large storm events. The implementation of GI directly contributes to the creation of healthier urban environments and the reduction of water quality problems.

This plan provides potential funding sources for future GI programs, zones of opportunity for GI and green investments, in addition to strategies the DPU can implement to increase public awareness and participation in residential GI implementation. The research findings indicate that there is a relationship between historically redlined Richmond communities and priority watersheds throughout the City. It is recommended that this relationship be explored further, and that equity considerations be incorporated into future GI programs and policies.


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