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VCU Rice Rivers Research Symposium

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May 2016


Virginia is consistently rated as a state with high rates of asthma (Asthma and Allergy Foundation 2014). Although this respiratory disease has many causes, certain air pollutants can be a trigger. The EPA currently identifies, monitors, and regulates seven types of air pollutants. One of these pollutants, particulate matter, can occur both naturally and culturally. The primary anthropogenic cause of particulate matter is fly ash, which is formed during fossil fuel combustion. Different technology installed in the power plant can capture some of the fly ash but these methods are not entirely effective.

This study focused on estimating the ratio of natural particulate matter to fly ash in central Virginia with a hypothesis that there will be a greater ratio of fly ash to natural particulate matter closer to the power plant. Determination of the ratio of fly ash and natural particulate matter will demonstrate how much particulate matter can be eliminated.


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