Myron Helfgott: Enregistrements/Recordings

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This audio compact disc was released in Paris in 2016. "In the early 2000's, Myron Helfgott introduces to his mixed media pieces sound tracks. This new dimension of audio needs its own edition. Here is a selection of them." The CD "a été édité en 300 ex. composé & imprimé en typographie, par m.u.r.r., in Pantin, fall 2016." Released here in conjunction with the online publication of the exhibition catalog Myron Helfgott: An Inventory of My Thoughts. Transcriptions of the texts from several tracks on the CD are presented in the catalog.

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April 2018


The audio compact disc Myron Helfgott: Enregistrements/Recordings consists of the following tracks: 1. Myron Helfgott: A Film in Three Chapters and an Epilogue - Chapter One (Text and voice, Myron Helfgott, 2000) -- 2. Nick and Tina (Text and voice, Myron Helfgott, 2009) -- 3. Tyranny of the Theoretical - Alone (Text and voice, Myron Helfgott, 2008) -- 4. Tyranny of the Theoretical - Chide/cajole/rant (Text and voice, Myron Helfgott, 2008) -- 5. Two Beautiful Women in the Luxembourg Gardens (Text by Terry Hummer. Voices: Marie-Astrid Nouet, Ariel Fleiszbein, 2000) -- 6. Questionnaire for poets (Questions and voice: Myron Helfgott. Poets's answers and voices: Terry Hummer, Don Palmer (instead of the poet Larry Levis), Paula Sergi, and Gregory Donovan, 2001) -- 7. Ingo & Annette (Ingo's text and voice: Ingo Porschein. Annette's text by Myron Helfgott. Annette's voice: Inga Sassnick, 2000-01)


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CD booklet, page 3, text of "Epilogue" from "A Film in Three Chapters and an Epilogue"

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