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My research addresses the cultural appropriation of the Plains’ Native American headdress by middle to upper class American non-Indians belonging to the hipster subculture. The hipster subculture appropriates minority cultures while also receiving the benefits of the majority culture to which they belong. The hipster subculture is influenced by a generally limited knowledge of Native American culture and the trends pressed by corporations. Native Americans also contribute to stereotype continuation in order to make money.

I reviewed six journal articles addressing culture appropriation in fashion, spirituality and stereotypes as well as six journal articles addressing the relationship between identity and appropriation; three journal articles addressing the hipster subculture and their reputation for appropriation and three addressing Native American’s place in the market. Because, notably, hipsters do not take pride in their own White culture, the subculture selectively appropriate pieces of Native American culture. With these conclusions, the hipster subculture will gain consciousness of their actions and take more caution in their appropriation habits.

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Native American, culture, sociology, appropriation, headdress, hipster subculture, hipster


Inequality and Stratification | Race and Ethnicity | Social Psychology and Interaction | Sociology of Culture

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Mary C. Boyes


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Cultural Appropriation of the Plains Native American Headdress in the 21st Century by Middle-to-Upper Class American Non-Indians