Publications from VCU Health, Virginia Commonwealth University.


Submissions from 1998


A Comparison of Four Treatments for Generalized Convulsive Status Epilepticus, David M. Treiman , M.D.; Patti D. Meyers , M.P.A.; Nancy Y. Walton , Ph.D.; Joseph F. Collins , Sc.D.; Cindy Colling , R.Ph., M.S.; A. James Rowan , M.D.; Adrian Handforth , M.D.; Edward Faught , M.D.; Vincent P. Calabrese , M.D.; Basim M. Uthman , M.D.; R. Eugene Ramsay , M.D.; Meenal B. Mamdani , M.D.; Pratap Yagnik , M.D.; John C. Jones , M.D.; Elizabeth Barry , M.D.; Jane G. Boggs , M.D.; and Andres M. Kanner , M.D.

Submissions from 1984


Cellular DNA Content as a Predictor of Response to Chemotherapy in Infants with Unresectable Neuroblastoma, A. Thomas Look, F. Ann Hayes, Ruprecht Nitschke, Nancy B. McWilliams, and Alexander A. Green


Ventriculostomy-Related Infections, C. Glen Mayhall, Nancy H. Archer, V. Archer Lamb, Alice C. Spadora, Jane W. Baggett, John D. Ward, and Raj K. Narayan