Publications from the Department of Biostatistics, Virginia Commonwealth University.


Submissions from 2007


The LeFE algorithm: embracing the complexity of gene expression in the interpretation of microarray data, Gabriel S. Eichler

Submissions from 2006


Empirical validation of the S-Score algorithm in the analysis of gene expression data, Richard Ellis Kennedy, Kellie J. Archer, and Michael F. Miles

Submissions from 2005


Health related quality of life in sickle cell patients: The PiSCES project, Donna K. McClish, Lynne T. Penberthy, Viktor E. Bovbjerg, John D. Roberts, Imoigele P. Aisiku, James L. Levenson, Susan D. Roseff, and Wally R. Smith

Submissions from 2004


Graphical technique for identifying a monotonic variance stabilizing transformation for absolute gene intensity signals, Kellie J. Archer, Catherine I. Dumur, and Viswanathan Ramakrishnan

Submissions from 2001


Lack of Effect of Induction of Hypothermia after Acute Brain Injury, Guy L. Clifton, Emmy R. Miller, Sung C. Choi, Harvey S. Levin, Stephen McCauley, Kenneth R. Smith, J. Paul Muizerlaar, Franklin C. Wagner, Donald W. Marion, Thomas G. Luerssen, Randall M. Chesnut, and Michael Schwartz

Submissions from 1981


Traumatic Acute Subdural Hematoma — Major Mortality Reduction in Comatose Patients Treated within Four Hours, John M. Seelig , M.D.; Donald P. Becker , M.D.; J. Douglas Miller , M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S.; Richard P. Greenberg , M.D., Ph.D.; John D. Ward , M.D.; and Sung C. Choi , Ph.D