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Professional school counselors play a critical role in ensuring that ALL students have access to quality education free from discrimination. Inequitable discipline practices and systemic racism have hindered the academic and social/emotional development of Black girls. This workshop will help school counselors learn how to identify discriminatory practices, analyze current national data, and provide resources to implement supports and interventions in their schools. The last decade has seen major court cases reflecting social changes affecting school counselors' legal and ethical obligations. Learn about principles of practice emerging from recent court rulings involving sexually active students, educational records, transgender youth, child abuse, social media, suicide, and academic advising.

Participant learning outcomes:

After attending this session you should be able to:

1. Identify discriminatory practices common in public schools

2. Analyze current national data on Black girls’ experiences in public schools

3. Implement evidence-based interventions to support Black girls

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She’s Not Forgotten: School Counselors in the pursuit of ending the school push out of Black Girls