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Despite the steady rise in use of prenatal care, significant racial disparities exist in pregnancy-related outcomes. This calls for innovative prenatal care to improve pregnancy outcomes in racial minorities. CHRPI is an innovative prenatal care model designed to address risk factors and manageable conditions particularly prevalent in African Americans that threaten their course of pregnancy.


CHRPI is an outpatient model (Fig. 1) that will accept pregnant moms with risk-factors outlined by the ACOG. They are initially evaluated by a Maternal Fetal Medicine physician where management is outlined. Then, patients are placed in groups of 4 according to their expected course of pregnancy, social, and medical needs. Between medical appointments, patients will attend sessions facilitated by a multidisciplinary team to receive education on nutrition, insulin management, alarming symptoms and more. Additionally, patients will have opportunity to address individual social and medical needs with licensed clinical social workers and mid-level providers outside of groups. Lastly, CHRPI’s care extends as far as 6 months postpartum to reassess newly diagnosed conditions or risk-factors to protect future pregnancies and establish primary care upon exiting the program.


Compared to traditional care of high-risk patients (Fig. 2), proposed CHRPI model is expected to decrease rate of maternal and infant mortality, pre-term birth, NICU admissions, and patient satisfaction.


CHRPI aims to reduce racial disparities in maternal and infant mortalities associated with high-risk pregnancies by utilizing an innovative multidisciplinary group approach with significant emphasis on nutrition, education, and primary care to protect future pregnancies.

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Centering High Risk Pregnancies Interprofessionaly (CHRPI)  to Reduce Racial Disparities in Pregnancy Outcomes