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In the 20 years since its development, the Let Me Learn Process® has been implemented in over 75 grade pre-Kindergarten through 12 schools in the United States. The Let Me Learn Process® is based on research in the field of neuroscience which explores the interface between the brain and the mind as it relates to learning (Bruer, 1997; Johnston, 2013). Throughout the twenty-year history of implementation, however, there has been no established approach to achieving implementation and sustainability of the Let Me Learn Process®. The client for this implementation evaluation was interested in better understanding the cultural conditions and leadership practices of those schools districts in which the Let Me Learn Process® has been implemented and sustained in order to formalize an implementation process. The methodology, a mixed-methods, convergent evaluation design, was used for data collection and analysis. Data was collected through interviews with school leaders and teachers, document review, and the administration of the School Cultural Elements Questionnaire (Cavanaugh and Dellar, 1998). These results were analyzed and then the evaluators reported on the extent to which they were related, divergent, and whether or not they could be combined to create a deeper understanding of the evaluation purpose. Finally, recommendations were made to the client in response to the evaluation purpose.

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implementation, sustainability, culture, leadership, professional development, Let Me Learn, shared leadership


Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership

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Dr. Barbara Driver

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An Implementation Evaluation of the Let Me Learn® Process: Leadership Practices and Cultural Conditions That Support Implementation and Sustainability