About This Journal

Welcome to the Journal of Prison Education and Reentry (JPER), an international, peer-reviewed journal for researchers and practitioners. JPER was initiated by scholars from Norway, Ireland, the UK and the US as an international journal for the publication of prison education research. As an international journal we aim to assure a cross-national representation on the editorial and executive boards.

This is an open access journal, which means that our articles are free to all readers. As an online journal, we have the privilege of publishing articles as soon as they have been reviewed, revised, and accepted, meaning that you do not have to wait until each volume of the journal is filled before you can access new and useful information.

The following topics are covered in JPER, including but not limited to: sociology, criminology, adult education and literacy, instructional design, mental and behavioral health, and administration and policy as it relates to the context of prisoner education and subsequent reentry into the community beyond prison walls.

In this journal you will find practitioner and researcher written work juxtaposed as we attempt to create a democratic dialogue within and across the field of prisoner education and reentry.

Researcher work undergoes a rigorous peer-review process via our editorial board. Practitioner articles include case studies, instructional designs, vignettes and essays, action research, and art. They are not peer-reviewed, but rather carefully selected by our editors who work closely with practitioner-authors to ensure that only the best representations of practice are included in the journal. Practitioner- and researcher-written work are clearly designated as such at the top of each article.

For more information, please email jper.connect@gmail.com.