How can collaborative art making foster relationship building for those involved? A Problem Based Learning project that investigated food insecurity and the creation of clay soup bowls provided an answer for a number of students, and various community members. This article follows the story of a university professor’s involvement with her students in a partnership with a local intermediate school when they pursued an initiative to include art in their STEAM based curriculum dedicated to meeting a local need. Older adults, elementary students, and a variety of other interested individuals joined the effort and demonstrated how art can build relationships.


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Figure 1 HWES .jpg (118 kB)
University student leads clay bowl lesson

Figure 2 Villa.jpg (2330 kB)
Older adult smooths clay for soup bowl

Figure 3 Glazed bowl.png (1660 kB)
Soup bowl glazed and ready for firing

Figure 4 Canstruction.png (1426 kB)
Canstruction of soup bowl image