This paper reflects on Arts in Mind, an ongoing museum-based program for those with Young-onset Alzheimer’s or in the early stages of memory loss. Co- developed in 2019 by the authors, an art therapist with experience in Alzheimer’s clinical trials research and two museum educators. Arts in Mind is a monthly program that invites people living with Young-onset Alzheimer’s and their care partners to look at and make art together. Arts in Mind responds to a previously unmet need for programming specifically designed for the Young-onset Alzheimer’s population and individuals in early stages of the disease. Sessions are anchored in the art encounter, accessible, responsive, and experiential. Additionally, the program a site of mentorship for the next generation of art therapists, museum educators and medical professionals. This paper offers a replicable and sustainable partnership model for museum and art therapy- based memory loss programs for an often overlooked population.


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