Aims & Scope

The Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations is a forum which focuses on the exchange of ideas, primarily among higher education faculty from mathematics, science, and education, while also incorporating the perspectives of elementary and secondary school teachers. Articles are solicited that address the preparation of prospective teachers of mathematics and science in grades K-12, the preparation of mathematics and science teacher leaders for grades K-12, and innovative programs for undergraduate STEM majors.

Articles are solicited in the following areas:

  • all aspects of undergraduate STEM education with particular interest in activities that will provide new insights in mathematics and science education
  • all aspects of the preparation of mathematics and science teacher leaders and their work in K-12 schools and school districts
  • reports on new curricular development and adaptations of ‘best practices’ in new situations with particular interest in interdisciplinary approaches
  • explorations of innovative and effective student teaching/practicum approaches
  • research on student learning
  • reports on STEM education projects that include evaluation
  • reports on systemic curricular development activities in mathematics and science