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This issue of the Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations (JMSCE) is the second special volume highlighting the impact of the consortium for Synergistic Undergraduate Mathematics via Multi-institutional Interdisciplinary Teaching Partnerships (SUMMIT-P). The development and goals of SUMMIT-P were outlined in the preface of the first special issue of JMSCE devoted to this project (Ganter & Haver, 2020). Full participation from partner discipline faculty is key to the success of redeveloping introductory mathematics courses in a way that incorporates the contextual needs of the other disciplines. As such, SUMMIT-P’s first task was to find ways to best engage colleagues in the partner disciplines. The first special volume’s preface detailed these recommendations. The seven papers in this second special issue, written two years later in the cycle of the project, describe how the collaborations evolved under specific institutional circumstances while also describing the outcomes and products of the collaboration. The papers also focus on the processes used to support and promote successful interdisciplinary collaboration, including the use of: fishbowl discussions to enable mathematics faculty to understand the perspectives of faculty in partner disciplines; site visits to strengthen collaboration among faculty from different disciplines and different institutions; collaboration protocols to provide a structured format for discussions; faculty learning communities to develop ongoing institutional structures for collaboration; and assessment and evaluation measures to provide a long-term overview of impact at all levels.