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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has very recently revised its requirements for the K-6 Certification to include a total of 21 hours in mathematics and science as well as a three credit hour methods course in mathematics and science. This requirement includes a physical science and a biological science course, each with a laboratory component, a contemporary mathematics course with extensive student projects, collaborative work and applications, a statistics course and interdisciplinary science and mathematics course. We believe that as students complete these requirements they will meet the new State K-6 licensure requirements in all areas, with the exception of geometry. We are developing a new geometry course that we hope will be required of all future teachers. The challenge of preparing middle school teachers to teach mathematics and/or science is much more difficult. VCU has been preparing very few middle school teachers of mathematics and science. We typically averaged less than one middle school science teacher and less than one middle school mathematics teacher per year. This paper provides a description of our interdisciplinary degree in mathematics and science that appears to be attracting significant numbers of students with an interest in teaching mathematics and/or science at the middle school level.





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