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Feminism as Metaphor


When I was first invited to be on a panel discussing “Men in Feminism," my only thoughts on the topic were, "Sure, we need men in feminism. Feminism is a way of looking at the world, so why not!" But then I continued to myself how could I be a spokeswoman for men? Maybe only men are in a position to talk about the subject, Perhaps if I read the book. Men in Feminism, the selection of presentations from two sessions of an MLA Conference in 1984 which inspired this panel, I'd have more to say about the topic ... I did have more to say, although it was not at all what I had expected. I had an immediate reaction to this sampling of feminist literary criticism. These essays were about feminism, but the style and syntax of the language and the insular nature of the discussions seemed inconsistent with feminist values. It was difficult to get to the question of men in this (un)familiar and (un)feminist forum.


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