Jan Jagodzinski


As the perceptive, or should I say - receptive reader may not(e), no thumbprint appears in the margins of this years editorial-rather, an index finger 'figures' prominently. The index sign is particularly apropos for this issue for index signs give us dues to what is being represented. Deceivingly, they establish their meanings through a physical relationship to their referents. As Krauss puts it: "They are the marks or traces of a particular cause, and that cause is the thing to which they refer, the object they signify. Into the category of the index, we would place physical traces (like footprints), medical symptoms, or the actual referents of the (p.198)." Playfully, on the front cover of her book, Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths, from which the above quote is taken, a thumb 'print' is literally represented as a photograph - yet, it could easily be mistaken, or 'misread' as a 'toe-print' ? The word "print," such as a photographic" print," remains an index sign, a recorded representation of some framed 'reality.'


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