What's a little "Lifestyle Statement," between friends? When the friendships are contingent, based on our common status as colleagues in education, and we are charged with reviewing the teacher education programs of a Christian college that lies a few hundred miles to the west of my home city (all quotes about the school, which I will leave unnamed, are drawn from its website), it turns out to be the dealbreaker. The "Lifestyle Statement" is really an agreement or contract that staff, students, faculty members, and administrators are required to sign; it is posted on the college's website, linked to the undergraduate application, and included in the faculty and staff application for employment and student handbook. The statement includes a list of ''behaviors'' that must be avoided, including homosexual behavior, which is defined in the school's documents both as a form of sexual promiscuity and immoral sexual conduct. Social dancing is also banned, although curiously the school's standards of behavior allow, "ethnic games" and "folk dance."


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