Increasingly, assessment has encroached on art education, inextricably linking visual arts learning to standardized performances wherein, art educators are becoming technicians accountable to the neoliberal state of education. Under these circumstances, the authors’ hearts and minds are understandably heavy for a postponement of art education as usual, proposing the question: Given the permission to escape art education’s current workings, what might art educators abandon, and how might they undertake this? IN order to delve into this provocation, the authors propose a limbo space of deferral in relation to art education that might inspire any predetermined usages inoperable. From this paradoxical zone, the final destination of art education under economic rationales may be suspended so that art educators might studiously play with its norms. The authors offer poetic and sculptural forms that misuse aspects of art education to explore its possible im-potentialities going against the grain of neoliberal logics.


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