The article honors the impactful work of the late Dr. Melanie Buffington. The author discusses their experience recognizing the overlap between Dr. Buffington’s work and the work of Monument Lab, a public art and history studio based in Philadelphia. Honoring Dr. Buffington’s legacy, the author recommends Monument Lab’s field trip guide as a tool for engaging students in critical thinking and meaningful conversations considering and reimagining public art and public spaces.

Figure1_NoHeroBuffington2012.jpg (109 kB)
Photograph of The Lee Monument with graffiti spray paint stating “No Hero” taken by Dr. Melanie Buffington (Buffington & Waldner, 2012)

Figure2_NationalGeographicCover2021.jpeg (2343 kB)
National Geographic January 2021 Special Issue Cover featuring The Lee Monument reclaimed in 2020

Figure3_MDPCircleSign.jpg (4896 kB)
A sign in front of The Lee Monument showing the reclaimed space informally named, Marcus David Peters Circle after a local Richmond teacher who was murdered by police

Figure4_MDPBasketballHoop.jpeg (3095 kB)
An image of Marcus David Peters Circle reclaimed with basketball hoop in Richmond, VA

Figure5_FieldTripGuide.jpeg (3605 kB)
The Monument Lab Field Trip guide in front of Marcus David Peters Circle in Richmond, VA

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