Richard Brown, Professor of Art History at Pacific Lutheran University, recently published an article synoptically titled "Regionalism, a Tenacious Myth.” Most surprising was that it appeared in Signature, a low budget Northwest arts newspaper out of Seattle, Washington. The appeal of Signature is its plebeian accessibility: descriptive reviews, pragmatic advice on competitions, personality profiles, and an unpretentious gallery guide. For example, it is the perfect place to find the latest word on the Snohomish County Craft Guild. In the differentiation between theory and practice, Signature represented the voice of practice, that is, until Professor Brown's theory piece let down the side. Brown, a theorist, accused the world of art criticism of gamesmanship and thereby shifted his allegiance to the side of the practicing artist. The world of the artist, however, also requires gamesmanship and since Brown insists on carrying the ball it behooves us plebs to politely point out that he is running the wrong way.


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