About This Journal

Welcome to The Journal of Prison Education Research, an international, peer-reviewed journal for researchers and practitioners. Our journal was initiated by scholars from Norway, Ireland, the UK, and the United States for publication of prison education research. As an international journal, we aim to assure a cross-national representation on our editorial and review boards.

We are an open access journal, which means that our articles are free to all readers. As an online journal, we have the privilege of publishing articles as soon as they have been reviewed, revised, and accepted so readers do not have to wait until each volume of the journal is filled before accessing new and useful information.

One of the main objectives of The Journal of Prison Education Research is to promote the use of evidence-based practices in the field. We publish articles that are based on rigorous research and have the potential to inform the development and implementation of successful prison education programs.

Our journal also aims to bridge the gap between research and practice by publishing articles that are accessible to both researchers and practitioners. Alongside academic articles, we feature pracitioner pieces to keep readers informed about the latest research and trends in the field.