Publications from the Department of Educational Leadership, Virginia Commonwealth University.


Submissions from 2014


Mitigating Milliken? School District Boundary Lines and Desegregation Policy in Four Southern Metropolitan Areas, 1990–2010, Genevieve Siegel-Hawley

Submissions from 2011


Immersive, interactive, web-enabled computer simulation as a trigger for learning: The Next Generation of Problem-based Learning in Educational Leadership, Dale Mann, R. M. Reardon, Jonathan D. Becker, Charol Shakeshaft, and Nicholas Bacon

Submissions from 2010


Here, There, and Everywhere: A Review of DIY U by Anya Kamenetz, Jonathan D. Becker


Assessing technology literacy: The Case for an authentic, project-based learning approach, Jonathan D. Becker, Cherise A. Hodge, and Mary W. Sepelyak

Submissions from 2007


Mind the Gaps: Exploring the Use of Technology to Facilitate Parental Involvement, Particularly for Historically Underserved Populations, Jonathan D. Becker

Submissions from 2006


Digital Equity in Education: A Multilevel Examination of Differences in and Relationships between Computer Access, Computer Use and State-level Technology Policies, Jonathan D. Becker

Submissions from 2004


Thinking Outside the (Bricks-and-Mortar) Box(es): Using Cyberspace Technology to Reconceptualize Schooling and Community in the Face of Resegregation, Jonathan D. Becker

Submissions from 1999


West Virginia Story: Achievement Gains from a Statewide Comprehensive Instructional Technology Program, Dale Mann, Charol Shakeshaft, Jonathan D. Becker, and Robert Kottkamp